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Monday, November 21, 2011

"Tigger" on Steroids

Ah…finally, we have survived the six-year old on steroids.  It was a long, frustrating trip fraught with “increased” (and that’s an understatement) energy and major meltdowns.  He went to one of those bouncy places for a birthday party yesterday, so I timed the predinisone exactly 1 hour before he left.  Let’s just re-name the kid “Tigger” because he bounced every steroid laden cell out of his body and fell into a coma-like induced sleep afterward…sigh…the worst is over.  Now we move onto the inhaled steroid. 

It’s pretty pathetic that my son calls us…”puff” buddies.  We stand together by the sink with a cup of water and we each inhale from our Flo-Vent (an inhaled steroid), then we both swish water in our mouths and rinse the residue out.   It’s like doing drugs with your kid.  Actually, it is doing drugs with your kid.  It’s a bit surreal and frankly a bit disturbing on so many different levels.  Bottom line, if you can get through the worst, the drugs work, because we no longer struggle for every breath we take, and like I said in a previous post….breathing is definitely not overrated.

Now that the worst is over, I can finally focus on more pleasant topics.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on a great new cookbook I received recently….You are going to love it!

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