Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Best of Years, the Worst of Years
Wow! Can it be that I haven’t written to the blog-o-sphere in close to a year? Yet, my final entry date was June 6, 2012…the last time I put fingers to keyboard to express a public opinion.  Writing in a blog is definitely a commitment, no doubt about it, but when life gets in the way, the commitment sometimes gets broken, even when the whole purpose of the darn thing is to expound on how, well….life gets in the way.  I am sure, you have been waiting with bated breath to find out where we left off in Rachel’s life.  Therefore, I am providing you with full disclosure of all that I have experienced this year in an effort to catch up, so, we can return to our regularly scheduled blogging sessions

The Year in Review
It was the best of years and it was the worst of years.

It was a year full of anxiety and it was a year full of peaceful moments.

Change taught me to be stronger;change isnt always what it's cracked up to be.

I have been motivated; I have been bored to tears. 

I cried a lot, but I also laughed a lot…but probably cried more.

I have let my bangs grow out…I have cut my bangs (and I did it myself which made me cry again).

I have lost weight and I have gained weight.

I detoxed and then re-toxed.

I have toned and I have atrophied.

I have been sick and I have been healthy.

I was addicted to coffee… hell, I’m still addicted to coffee.

I have worked out, and I have been on hiatus. 

I have been published…but more often rejected.  

My children have been my greatest joy; my children have given me way more gray hair.

My texting has improved…my texting still sucks.

I celebrated another birthday…I denied another birthday.

I invested in a lot of beauty products; I still look the same.
I have had moments of revelation and moments of doubt.

I have turned off the 10:00 news and replaced it with How I Met Your Mother re-runs.

I have learned to appreciate the small things eventhough the big things still seem  way more attractive.

I still haven’t caught up on the laundry and probably never will.

I read a book; but more often magazines.

I ate kale by the boatload…I have aborted kale.

I continue to struggle as a writer, and yet here I am.


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