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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pining for Peanut Butter

I miss peanut butter. I miss its creaminess and its ability to hit the spot when I didn’t know what to eat. I miss its versatility.  Melt it and throw it on noodles with some sesame seeds and you have Asian noodles. Mix into a vanilla smoothie and you have post-workout heaven.  Throw it on some whole wheat bread, or roll it in a wrap with banana and it’s a well-balanced meal.  Spread it on some celery and it’s a perfect carb/protein combo.  Spread it on a cracker (or even a graham cracker) and it’s a stellar texturized fusion of crunchy-gooey, salty- sweet.  Great for those hormonal moments when your veracious appetite is about to cross over to the dark side, but wait, salvation…ahhh, there’s the beloved peanut butter.

I miss peanut butter.   I had to remove it from the house a few years ago when my son was diagnosed with severe nut allergies.  At first, I figured I could still keep it around if I just took the proper precautions.  Then, one morning, exhausted from a lack of sleep, I accidentally switched the lunchbox sandwiches.  My daughter lives on PB&J, and I didn’t’ want to make her give it up, so, I figured I could keep it under control if I adhered to strict protocol.  I assembled her sandwich first, cleaned all the surfaces, washed my hands and used two separate knives for the jelly.  However, the lunchboxes looked similar and I accidentally reversed the sandwiches.  Luckily, my son recognized the fact that his sandwich wasn’t cut in half (I cut his but not hers so they know that it’s indeed their sandwich) and didn’t eat it.

My daughter’s eats lunch ½ hour after her brother.  When she realized my egregious error, she was convinced that he didn’t realize the mistake and frantically flew to the nurse’s office to see if he was there.  The nurse couldn’t calm her down until they brought him in to the office.  All was well, though she was a bit shaken.
I miss peanut butter, but safety tastes a lot better than peanut butter any day.

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