Thursday, September 1, 2011

Clean Towels Really Shouldn’t Be a Passion

I realize that I haven’t written much lately, and maybe that’s because I just haven’t felt passionate about much over the past few days.  Sure, school started, along with all of the crazy that accompanies those first few days, but I managed to get through it without too many tantrums (by me, that is).  Life has fallen into a new routine, which is really the old routine –the sequel.   Slowly, I have come to accept that I have crossed summer’s finish line,  and entered the Fall zone without too much kicking or screaming (again…we’re talking about me).

The irony is that I had all these visions of organizing, cleaning, purging, and re-decorating various rooms and/or closets in the house over the long, lazy summer.  Yet, I found myself in the express lane doing two months of work over the last three days as I scrambled to re-invent my daughter’s bedroom from “stupid” princess motif to funky a la college dorm.  Three garbage bags later filled with blinky things, old papers, doo dads, and other  random items along with three bags of clothing donation including some 6x T-shirts  (she’s a size 10-12 now)that were somehow lost in the black hole of her dresser drawer.  Throw in a new comforter set, a bean bag chair and some funky throw rugs (actually really cute bath mats), a poster, move some furniture around and voila…a new room without having to re-paint her high gloss pale pink walls that she despises so much.  Phew…

Once I had the purging bug, I was unstoppable.  When the two body-bag size duffel bags full of rank camp laundry crowded any available real estate on the basement floor, (due to the the pre-existing mountain sized laundry pile), I decided to take action.  Yes, I swore I would do it over the summer, but life gets in the way know, and somehow I got distracted.  There were other important tasks that required my immediate attention such as, mooning over my daughter’s absence, writing letters, and shamelessly terrorizing the mail carrier like a provoked pit-bull. I am happy to say, that 90 % of that task has been completed, as only a few assorted items still lay strewn on the floor.  The duffel bags have been mercifully stored away, and we finally have clean towels again.  I love looking at them all stacked and color coordinated in the hall closet.  I feel a monumental sense of accomplishment because nothing makes me happier than a well-stocked linen closet.

Huh, it seems like my passion has become clean towels…probably a stellar time for me to find a hobby.

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