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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rachel's Top Ten Modern Day Afflictions-A New Spin on the Ten Plagues

Rachel’s Top Ten Modern Day Plagues
Every year, we sit at our Seder tables and ceremoniously dot our plates with wine as we recite the ten plagues.  Last year, my plate had a few extra dots on it.  My daughter accused me of being bad at math, while my husband declared I was being careless, but I actually had a reason.  In an effort to get real and truly appreciate the hardship in Egypt, I “covertly” provided a few extra modern-day plagues of my own and now I am sharing these “get real” afflictions with all of you.   You can mix and match or trade them with your friends, anything to make your life and your seder a little more meaningful.  These are in random order.
1.       Bathing suit season (which "conveniently"comes right after a carb-laden eat fest)
2.       Passover cake mixes (why even bother)?
3.       Post camp laundry (A very rank and asphyxiating affliction)
4.       Lice (it’s the plague that just keeps on giving...don't ask why....I just know)
5.       Justin Bieber
6.       Earthquakes/Tsunamis
7.       PMS and no Motrin in the house!
8.       Tweens in training (those in the know can truly identify)
9.       Being told you need to wear braces in your 40’s (don't get me started)
10.   The insulting price of gas for a minivan (as if driving a minivan wasn't insulting enough)

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